Tough Mudder Experience

Race Date: Oct 31, 2015

I never in my life thought I’d do a Tough Mudder but I somehow got roped into doing one and I have to say I did enjoy it, for the most part. The obstacle courses were pretty fun! I had a few favorites that pretty much involved free falling and my heart sinking but I loved it! The most difficult part was probably the hills on hills on hills! Endless hills and the view wasn’t much to look at. I would probably do another tough mudder on a shorter route with less hills, or maybe just a different location. I can’t say I enjoyed running up and down hills for 10+ miles just staring at dead grass.

The expo pre/post run was pretty cool. Free beer, cool mini obstacles/challenges for prizes and things. A nice place to hang out after the course. Parking was pretty straight forward, it was a slight walk from the lot to the expo/race start. But the race loops you back to the beginning so no shuttles required.

The aid stations had the basics and some extras, but I feel like the further into the course you got the less they gave you at each station. The beginning stations were the best! The swag was ok, you don’t even get a medal which was a little disappointing. You get a tshirt (I’m not very fond of it it is not soft), a head band, and a face towel all with the Tough Mudder logo on it.

Overall I say I’d do another one but definitely at a different location. What I really want to do is a Spartan and compare them.

P.S. Yes there is a ton of mud that you have to practically crawl through! The mud ripped my shoes off a few times!

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