Race Date: Oct 8, 2016

Finally completed my first half marathon and this was the best one to do it! The elevation for this race wasn’t too bad, lots of flat patches but the only negative was that there were a lot of really harsh down hill slopes. It ended up being super hard on the knees. But you can’t beat the views! Nice nature scenery to run through and the last stretch is a run by the lake!

Parking is pretty straight forward, dirt lot and a shuttle to the race start with shuttles back to the lot after. The main thing was that it was freezing out there at 4am! But the organizers built us some fires, although I was probably close to freezing to death a few times.

My favorite thing about the race (aside from the amazin scenery) would be that it was a cups free race! Races tend to create a lot of waster and this was a bring your own cup type race. They provided you with a nice little reusable one to take with you or you could bring your own system (I used a double bottle belt). Just refill at the stations as needed, my 2 bottles were more than enough and there weren’t a million paper cups after the event!

The expo was on the smaller side but still some pretty cool things to look at and some cool raffles/prizes. We got really cute/nice race shirts too! They were soft and had 3 different color options! It was also the sweat/moisture wicking fabric! Overall I would love to do this race again and hit a PR for a half! The downhill helps a lot with your time!

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