Hot Chocolate 15K

Race Date: March 22, 2015

I have to say this was one of my favorite races. Some highlights: Ridiculously cute/cool jackets & a super cute medal ( hot chocolate bar with a bite out of it). The race is in downtown San Diego so the hills can get hard, there are A LOT of hills. The scenery is also not very interesting, just the typical downtown view.

The aid stations are plentiful, all the hydration you need. Although I would pass on the chocolates and sweets they give out at those stations, especially if you are doing the 15k vs the 5k. I would not want the sweets sloshing around in my stomach around the last few miles.

Parking is in downtown, but not that bad. It’s super early so the only ones around are the runners anyways. The expo has a lot of random stuff around. The swag is awesome. Cute drawstring bag, super cool jacket, unique medal. The post race expo is nice. It has some good photo ops, and then you get this giant plastic mug, filled with marshmallows, crackers, chocolate, a banana, and a cup of hot chocolate. This is one of my favorite races in San Dieg.

I was registered for the 2017 race but they ended up switching the dates and I was at a climbing festival, so I was pretty sad I couldn’t make it to this year’s race. But I will try again next year if I’m still in the area!

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