My Favorite Training Ground

Lake Miramar. 5 Mile Loop.


I love this loop! It’s the perfect distance to train for different race distances! It’s outdoors around a beautiful man made lake. Lots of nice scenery to see while running. A lot of different people using the trail from pedestrians with their dogs to bikers. It’s really great when you time your run to end around sunset, you have the beautiful pinks and reds in the sky as your run is winding down.

This isn’t a completely flat trail, there are minor ups and downs on the run but nothing major. The loop has mile markers so you can keep track if you don’t want to carry something with you to keep track. I like to do this run either early morning or end of the day. There is very little sun protection on the road trail so I try not to do this run in the middle of the day.

Speaking of which, there are 2 trails you can take for the loop. A higher up road trail and a lower dirt trail similar to a hiking trail. The dirt trail makes you feel like you’re on a hike! It has a nice foresty vibe going on.

And if you aren’t feeling a run, hanging out on the little pier or at one of the benches is nice and relaxing too. You can even see some people kayaking on the lake!

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