Throwback to my FIRST race EVER!

Race: Spark Run | Date: June 7, 2014

So this was the race that Kaskade put on. I got roped into it by a friend who really wanted to see Kaskade. This was my first official race and it was a good short one to start off with. There was no real expo, just a bunch of open space in a parking lot next to the run start with 2 food trucks. There was also a bar open but it was on the pricey side, not so worth it. Especially before a run.

The only thing we really got was a not so great quality shirt. The design was nice but I have never worn the shirt since I got it. The organization was not so great either. Lines for check in/packet pick up was all over the place and volunteers were saying different things. But once the run started things were smoother. The run itself was nice. The start was pretty cool with awesome decorations and there were a lot of great light up/glowing props at different parts of the course.

Some spots along the course had major bottlenecks with no one moving over to pass. And it got a little sketch to run once it got dark. But it was a pretty short run, so the flaws were pretty easy to get over. Plus there was a free concert at the end with Kaskade closing out the show. I wouldn’t really do this race again, but I think it was a one year tour anyways.

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