Adventure Run Shirt Release & April Run

So for those of you who don’t know, Road Runner Sports hosts an event every month called Adventure Run in different areas. It’s basically a free run with a mini expo and raffles. How it works is you run to different check points and collect raffle tickets from each stop. The more stops you run to the more tickets you get. At the end of the run you throw in all your collected tickets and cross your fingers. They generally give out a ton of rally good prizes, from foam rollers to free race entries to free shoes! And even if you don’t win anything, there is a free little beer garden (you get 2 free drink tickets). Plus the vendors there give out a lot of cool samples before the run!

I went to the Shirt Release Party they held in March to buy my Adventure Run tank for the season (they have tshirts and tank tops in Men’s and Women cuts). If you wear your Adventure Run shirt, you get double raffle tickets at each checkpoint during and Adventure Run so it’s totally worth it! I also got a 25% off coupon during the event and ended up buying a ton of Hydroflasks to give out as gifts! I have a Hydroflask obsession, but that deserves it’s very own post.


So now onto the April Adventure Run, this was my very first official Adventure Run and it was a pretty great experience. The pre run events had some cool stuff. You could visit each vendor and collect a total of 8 stamps to enter into a drawing for a free pair of shoes. Plus the Spartan booth was giving out a raffle ticket for every 2 burpees you did! Some guy did 100 burpees! Unfortunately, once the run started, I realized I had lost my bag of raffle tickets once we got to our first checkpoint. But more on that later.

Whether running or walking, you can get to a lot of checkpoints so this is a great event for anyone who wants to run or casually walk. The further you run the more checkpoints you can get to. They release a map on their facebook page with all the available checkpoints on a map when the race starts. I didn’t get all the checkpoints but I know a lot of people who did, but I still got a lot of tickets thanks to the double tickets I got for wearing my Adventure Run shirt (it has to be the current year’s shirt, sorry last season’s shirts don’t count).

You pretty much have 1 hour to hit as many stops as you can, so once we headed back, I talked to the emcee and guess what they found! My lost raffle tickets! And guess what?! I ended up winning a raffle from a ticket from my lost bag! I won a 6 week strength training session at a local fitness gym. Pretty cool for my first run. I can’t wait for more!

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