2 Years later…

So almost 2 years ago, I was getting weird symptoms that slowly escalated and got worse and worse over the past 2 years. It started out with some rashes and hives, then escalated to skin flushing and burning. Then it escalated even further to full body hives, body temperature regulation issues and then a few months ago, I hit the exercise/heat induced anaphylaxis phase.

I went to so many doctors and no one really had a clear answer of what was going on or what was causing it. Eczema, allergies, contact dermatitis, auto immune disorders, mast cell sensitivity, physical urticaria. The list of potential causes could go on forever. But there wasn’t much anyone could do except give me steroids, immuno suppressants, elimination diets. None of which helped very much.

Then about 3 weeks ago, I suddenly got better. I’d gotten better for short 1-1.5 week periods throughout the 2 years so I was a little hesitant to think that I was actually getting better. I went to another doctor who said that they didn’t know what triggered these things but sometimes they just get better on their own. So there I was crossing my fingers that things were actually getting better on their own.

I’m almost at the end of my 4 weeks of not dying! So I am hopeful that this is finally starting to pass. I still have occasional minor skin flare ups but I’ll take those over full body hives, anaphylaxis, and my brain melting from internal body temps any day.

So only a few people who knew the extent of things ever really saw me. No I wasn’t actually busy all those times I didn’t hang out with you I was melting into a sad little puddle in my bed. I couldn’t even eat hot cheetos because even spicy food triggered me to go into a skin burning hivey state! YES I COULDN’T EAT HOT CHEETOS! 😥

Needless to say working out, climbing, silks, hiking, all my favorite things were becoming less and less possible the worse I got. I pretty much became a hermit and didn’t hang out with anyone or go anywhere or do anything because 1) I pretty much went into the most uncomfortable dying state if i exerted myself more then a light walk and 2) It was a bummer looking like death and stressful constantly being looked at like I was dying.

This leads me to the next part of my story, I am no longer fit and weak AF! I gained a lot of weight because I literally would die unless I was sedentary. We won’t say how much because *cries*. I’ve been getting back into yoga, climbing and silks for the last 3.5 weeks or so since I started getting better and I am noticeably weaker which is really sad because I remember how much stronger I was before.

But on the bright side at least I can start trying again and working to get back in shape and getting stronger again. So here’s to me hopefully keeping up this blog with my training and getting back to my life adventures!

I have been getting a lot stronger again but I for sure need to work some cardio back into my life. So if anyone ever needs a non judgmental and understanding workout buddy to train with I am here for ya! I’ll literally be like your own personal cheer leader because let’s face it, I’m still as peppy as ever. 😉





So the next part is just some pictures of some of the worst points during the last 2 years…don’t keep scrolling if you are easily squeamish?



And yes some of the symptoms were my eyes swelling shut, my hair (including eyebrows) falling out, whole body literally swelling and pretty much looking like I had an all over chemical burn.







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