Changing Southwest Flights Booked Through Chase Rewards

Alright so I just spent the last 5 minutes getting a $75 voucher for future travel on a flight I previously booked. Yay! So here are the deets for those curious if you are ever in a similar situation!

Airline: Southwest

Booked through: Chase Rewards (phone line cannot book online for SW)

Card: Chase Sapphire Reserve

So I booked a flight from San Diego to St. Louis for August around 3 weeks ago. Original price being around $222, current price $147! Normally on Southwest when that happens you can just go in and change your flight and rebook the same exact flight and get travel funds for future use. But when you book through Chase, they add something to your reservation and you can’t actually do the “Change Flight” option through SW’s site.

So after calling Chase, they said I’d have to call SW but that SW probably wouldn’t give me any kind of refund. Surprise surprise I didn’t have to call anyone and I still got my travel voucher for the difference!

How? So instead of doing the “Change Flight” option, I just had to Cancel my reservation all together and they gave me a travel voucher for the price I got through Chase! It was ready to use immediately! Also no cancellation fees because SW is pretty awesome tbh. Now before you cancel make sure there are still flights available for the option you want. Then just go through the booking process again and input the Confirmation number for the travel funds and bam. You’re done. And you still have the difference left you didn’t use! Takes like an extra minute but worth it!

So just a friendly knowledge share for all my Chase Rewards friends out there. So you don’t have to go through Customer Service calls. Because I HATE talking on the phone and having to talk to Customer Service. So hopefully this saves you guys some time in the future!

(*not sure how this works for other airlines* Comment below if you have experience with changes/cancellations for other airlines through Chase Rewards!)

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