First Experience with #BibChat

So for those of you who don’t know, BibRave does a weekly thing called BibChat. Pretty much each week, BibRave pairs up with a running/outdoor brand sponsor to run an hour long twitter chat with their followers. Then at the end, they pick a few winners and give away some gear from that week’s sponsor!

My friend who is a BibRave Pro had told me about this months ago, but I’m usually at yoga, climbing, or teaching/taking a silks class during the BibChat times. This week I finally was home and got to try it out and it was a really fun experience. Every 10 minutes the brand that’s hosting the Chat posts a question. Q1-Q6 respectively every 10 minutes. You tweet back with your answers labeling your tweet with A1-A6 respectively and hashtag #BibChat.

Now I’m a very unlucky person who never really wins anything, especially raffle type things! But man, for my first time on BibChat and {in raffles} luck was on my side and I won!!! Yaaaa! This week’s sponsor was Eagle Creek and they chose 2 winners. Each winner receives their 60L Cargo Hauler Duffle! I did some searching and reviews say it’s a pretty good and sturdy travel/adventure duffle! I’ll post a review once the bag gets here!

But I’m super stoked I actually won! This was such a great first experience. I’ve now set an alarm in my phone to remind me every week. {Hopefully I’ll be free} — Random side note I also got free pizza and soda from our local pizza and brew spot. I’m liking how this week is going! I should go put some money on Red next or buy a lottery ticket!

If you get a chance I’d definitely check this out! Every Tues @ 6pm on Twitter [CA time].

P.S. Not sponsored or a BibRave Pro or anything. I just like active things and free stuff.


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