Getting Back in Shape!

So I’ve been doing a lot more aerial training in general and dipping my toes into all the apparatuses at the gym I go to. I even tried out some adult tumbling/gymnastics and pole! It is definitely addicting. I’m having so much fun and learning so many things. Can’t wait until I get stronger and can do some cool drops on silks! Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to not just nap and netflix, but I’ve really been trying to be more active in general lately. Although it’s definitely still a struggle because my autoimmune thing is still not better or figured out yet. And I really don’t want to go on immunosuppresants. Some days are better than others, but just getting to the gym and doing just a little even if I’m not feeling well is a win in my book!

Some pictures and a visit from Graham the Corgi!

Aside from silks, my rock climbing membership is constantly on hold. But I’m going to try to get back into it this month. Along with yoga.

I’m also starting a 6 week challenge starting Monday too with a gym (thank to Hanan and her nudging and my I’ll do it if you do it promise). It’s going to be a struggle waking up 3 times a week and driving down for the morning workouts but hopefully it will be worth it. The 6 week challenge has weekly weigh ins, a nutrition plan, and small group workouts. I’ve definitely gotten way out of shape and gained sooo much weight since my immune thing started a few years ago. Partially from the steroids, partially from all the inactivity because of just not feeling well, partially from almost going into anaphylactic shock if my body randomly decides to on cardio intensive activities. This is probably the most I’ve ever weighed and it is kind of depressing. So I’m really hoping get back to where I was a few years ago, kicking off with this 6 week challenge! Wish me luck! Before & After pictures to come in a month or 2 depending on progress…and well…how meh I feel about before/after pics. xD

And if anyone wants to ever join me, I do silks once or twice a week and I’m always down to climb or yoga! I’ll be your workout/accountability buddy if you ever need one! ❤

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