Chase Sapphire Reserve Devaluation

Changes coming in August:

  • No Points on first $300 of travel purchase: Each year, each card holder gets a $300 credit towards travel purchases. No points will be earned on purchases using this credit. This one is a slight bummer. That’s a 900 point loss each year. But I do understand this change. When I first got the card that’s how I thought it was supposed to be already and was surprised when I earned points on those purchases. So a little disappointing now that I’m already used to the change but not that surprising.
  • No more Price Protection: Currently, if there is a price change on a product purchased with your CSR card and the price is lower, Chase will refund you the difference up to $500. (Maxes out at $2500 per year) Similar to a price adjustment some stores do. This one doesn’t affect me too much as I never really used it. I normally would go through the store first anyways. I also normally already buy things at a super discounted price so I’ve never had to use this perk.
  • Priority Pass Guest Limit: Priority Pass offers airport lounge access to PP Lounges. Currently unlimited guests accompanying the card holder is allowed for lounges that allow guests. The new policy will limit the guests allowed to max 2. I was actually under the impression that most lounges already limited guests to max 1 or 2. I also usually fly solo and meet up with people in the destination. Or with maybe 1 other person. So this one doesn’t affect me much either. I also kind of approve of this change. As it limits the amount of people in lounges and overcrowding. Plus if you really  need more than 2 guests, you can get more guest passes for $27 per person. I don’t see this as a problem, it’s pretty understandable and it is the standard for most travel cards anyways.
    • A new thing they’ve also been doing is adding airport restaurants instead of lounges. How it works is a card holder gets a $28 credit off their bill at the specified restaurant instead of lounge access. If you have a guest you are allowed $56 off the bill. This is a pretty neat thing they’ve been doing. Especially for airports without PP lounges. Or if you have a short layover and it’s not worth it to go to a lounge. Plus this will probably help a lot with lounge crowding. About to take advantage of this for my flight to St. Louis next week!
  • Priority Pass Digital/Mobile Access: Users can now use the mobile app for check in to lounges. You just need to download the app and register your card for an account. This is nice if you find yourself forgetting your card or just don’t want to bring it. I usually always have my card but I do like going digital so this is convenient. *Not all lounges accept mobile check in so check before hand

So that’s a summary of the big changes coming in August for the CSR. It definitely isn’t going to affect me too much. The card is still 100% worth it for me. As far as credit card “devaluations” go, this one wasn’t actually all that bad.

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