July Miles Challenge: Week 1

Week 1 (July 1- 7) is officially done and I clocked in about 16.5 miles of runs/jogs/walks. No hikes this week. It’s been really hot and muggy so it’s a miracle going out for just a walk let alone run or hike! But I ended up in 2nd out of my friend group! Seeing everyone log their activity on Strava is really motivating all of us!

I actually ended up not logging a lot the end of the week because I had to last minute fly out to Canada for my Grandma’s funeral. ūüė¶ But I ran a 10k for 4th of July so it evened out!

Walk 5,195 2.05 miles 291 cals Forest Park Walk
Walk 1,228 0.45 miles 72 cals 10k Cooldown
Run 11,694 6.28 miles 642 cals Old Pros Scripps Ranch 10k
Walk  1,701 0.7 miles 99 cals 10k Warmup
Run 1,783 1.02 miles 91 cals Post Silks Run
Walk 2,354 1 mile 125 cals Midday Walk
Run 10,086 5.01 miles 523 cals  Lake Miramar

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