July Miles Challenge: Week 3/4

Combo week update. Been crazy busy the last 2 weeks with Comic Con and Bachelorette Shenanigans

Week 3: Did a few miles at the beginning of the week but the rest were mostly from Comic Con *only really counted long walks from trolleys or from one side to the other or to Seaport Village and back, etc. Didn’t really have time to do too many designated runs/walks, so counting distances that took me at least 10-15 min (and believe me there were many long stretches in that heat wave while in costume. hahaha)

Week 3 Total: 20.2 Miles
Overall Total: 56.7 Miles

Week 4: I really should have gone out for a run at the beginning of the week when I had time but it was just sooooo hot! I did however do semi long walks from car to beaches and parking far away down town to get to Wonder Spaces. Again I pretty much counted anything that took longer than 10-15 min. Way less this week. But some far parking, last day of Comic Con (Sunday) and getting sent to the furthest airport terminals sure helped. Plus a smidge of Vegas walking.

Week 4 Total: 10.34 Miles
Overall Total: 67.04 Miles


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