Old Pros 4th of July Scripps Ranch 10K Race

Decided to do a 10k to kick off 4th of July celebrations during this hot hot San Diego summer! The route pretty much included a giant chunk I’ve done many many times, Lake Miramar’s 5 mile loop. So it wasn’t too bad of a race, especially since we started relatively early enough to avoid most of the heat. The start was a slight and gradual elevation gain through the (closed off) streets to get to the lake. The lake itself didn’t have too much incline or decline throughout and had pretty scenic views. The last mile or so to the finish line was a nice easy down hill through the neighborhood streets back to a park.

There are 2 aid stations during the run, one about 1 mile in and one at about mile 5. Pretty much a little into the lake entrance and at the end of the lake loop. Unfortunately this wasn’t a cup free race and there are no trash cans along the lake. So there was sadly a lot of littering (paper cups, plastic bottles, etc). I think this would be a big thing they could improve on! But aside from that the race was well run and enjoyable.

There’s a nice little festival at the end, free beer garden for 21+, food trucks, vendors, etc. A nice little race. It’s a pretty good one if you’ve never done it or if you’re looking to check a 10k off your list. It’s a little expensive for what it is, especially since I didn’t really do the beer garden. But it is a pretty run and not a difficult route. I don’t know if I’d pay to do it again, since I usually run around the lake for free anyways. But I’d recommend it to those who have never been to the lake before or are looking for an active way to kick off Independence Day!


*Shorter fun run route available. Bike race options also available. Some serious runners do hit this race. Winner was at about 32 min if I remember correctly!

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