Handful The Closer Bra Review

Disclaimer: I received a Sports Bra from Handful to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews!

As a BibRave Pro, I get the chance to test out some products on occasion. This time, I got to test out The Closer Bra from Handful!

So let’s jump right into it. This bra currently comes in 3 colors: teal, black and gray. I love bright colors for my workout clothes so I went with the “Keepin’ It Teal” option and loooove the color!

The fit. I usually wear a small in other sports bras, I’m around a 32B/34A for my usual bra size and a small fit me perfectly. The material is very soft with just enough stretch. Sometimes sport bras like to cut into my shoulders but I didn’t have any issues with this one (they have adjustable straps). there is some cute mesh detailing in the front that I also really like, I’m really into some see through cut outs in my clothes in general. I was a little worried the sewing on these parts would be itchy but they were fine and still comfy.

A lot of people don’t like extra padding in their sports bras, this one comes with some but they are removable. Normally I just toss them (I ended up with an entire drawer full once before I just got rid of them), but the ones that come with these seem really soft and squishy, so I’m saving them for a rainy day for if I ever need some padding inserts.

My favorite part so far about this bra: the front closure. Normally I have to dislocate a shoulder to even inch my bra off after a sweaty work out. Sometimes I half give up and wait to dry out more for 5 minutes. I love how easy it is to take this bra off, but I don’t feel like it loses any of the support (although I am on the smaller boobage size – ladies feel free to chime in with your experience).

Overall I think this is a great bra for all around active life: runs, hikes, yoga, rock climbing, aerial. Although I do have to be more careful on a silks if I’m going shirtless so the zipper doesn’t get caught on the fabric, the one downside. But loving this bra so far!

If you want to try out any of their bras or other apparel, you can use code “BIBRAVE” for 10% off your order!

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