WIN Detergent Review

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of WIN Detergent to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!

So excited I got to test out some this time for BibRave!

I generally have pretty sensitive skin and am very sensitive to allergens. Which is why I have to use a free & clear detergent with minimal fragrances and extra chemicals. But extra sweaty workouts can be hard to wash out with a sensitive detergent, I always notice at least some lingering residue. So I was super excited to try out some WIN Detergent sports detergent. Now the intense sweat from my hot yoga sessions and runs will finally be gone!

WIN has a normal version of their detergent and a fragrance free version for more sensitive skin. I tried it out not just on my active wear, but on my noral clothes laundry and the current load of laundry I have coming back from Japan. It’s great at getting rid of exercise odors AND everything that comes with travel (it was quite humid for a few days in Japan).

So far my clothes do feel cleaner with less lingering sweat smell/residue. Plus it was great atgetting rid of all the smoke (there is smoke everywhere!) and grill smells attached to my clothes from 2 weeks of Japan! And so far it’s still been great for my skin, no weird allergic reactions to the detergent.

I’d definitely give this a shot if you do some intense runs/rides/work outs.

Also a note on the instructions, which were pretty clear except how to measure. The green (or blue) cap, depending on your bottle, is equivalent to 1 ounce. So the instructions say to use 1 oz for small load, 2 oz for med load, 3 oz for large loads. But I wasn’t sure how much one cap was, but if you look really closely it’s 1oz = 1 cap.

*Side not: Their site says they are back ordered but their amazon store is restocked!

If you want to try them out, you can use code “WIN4Rave” for 20% off your order!


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  1. Great reviwe, Thanh! That’s awesome to know that WIN removes smoke smells as well. We’re planning on going camping as a family for the first time this summer, so that will help with campfire smells!


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