Rock climber. Aerial silks. Yogi. Hobbyist Photographer & MUA. Traveler when I have $$$ & Time.

I love to explore and just go to new places. It can be across the world or across the street. As long as there is something interesting to explore. The active life keeps my soul calm. It also allows me to eat all the things. Work out so I can eat MORE! I like to climb, do aerial silks, hike and then take super basic yoga pics at the summit, and I am really getting into obstacle courses! Running is a must with those obstacle courses, cardio kills you even if you have the strength to get through them!

And what would all these adventures be if I didn’t have my nifty camera to document it all. Anything for a picture! Well, almost anything, near death is ok. Things leading to actual death not so much. Don’t die for a picture please! Also don’t damage nature and our great national parks for a pic!


Adventures of a potato ninja & adrenaline junkie with a fear of heights.

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